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I don't know WTF is going on, but I cannot get on livejournal. The LJ status report states there is nothing wrong. And while it's slow, I can at least get the LJ page to open using the 4G network on my phone, so whatever it is, it's probably not a main LJ server issue. But on my home network? It's been completely inaccessible since early this morning. I've deleted the cache, rebooted the computer several times, changed DNS server to Google DNS (this was recommended by one of the sites I looked) -- nothing. What I haven't tried is to get to another Wi-Fi hotspot to see if I can get on the site.

I've heard people talking about not being able to get on LJ for months -- is this one of those instances? Oh man. If this continues, it might be the thing that'd finally tip me over to Dreamwidth. Which I have been resisting, because blah blah, creature of habit, etc., and I still have loads of people on my reading list who post to LJ alone. Hell, *I* am one of those people. I went and did another content import from LJ to DW (I do this periodically to have DW as a backup), which worked. And with this entry, I'm gonna see if it crossposts to LJ.

Oh, livejournal. People have abandoned you like rats deserting a sinking ship, but I have stayed behind! I was rooting for you! [/Tyra voice] Why you gotta go make this so hard?!

P.S. If anyone's had similar issues and found a work-around, please let me know!

P.P.S. If we are on each other's LJ Flist and I don't have you in my DW circle for some reason, please let me know, and I'll add you.

ETA: Hey, the crossposting worked! So I guess it's (hopefully) temporary decamp to DW for me until the problem goes away.
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1. Agent Carter renewal! YAY!

2. I guess I should say brief stuff about Age of Ultron, if only for record-keeping purposes.

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3. The Wachowskis have a new Netflix series coming out called Sense8, and the trailer looks fucking awesome.

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Unlike a huge swath of fandom, I didn't care much for Jupiter Ascending (I basically wanted an entire movie about that Brazil-like interlude on space bureaucracy, whereas the rest of it left me unmoved, except when Eddie Redmayne was whisper-barking like someone who's indulged too long and hard in autoerotic asphyxiation marathons.) But I AM glad to see that Bae Doona has turned into a Wachowski regular. Looks like she's got a sizable role in this, which is great because she is fabulous. I wonder when it's coming out?
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iZombie just got renewed! I was sweating there for a while, thinking all this stuff was gonna end in a big cliffhanger, and we'd end up holding the bag, going "... wha?", season 2 Sarah Connor Chronicles-style. (Shut up. I will NEVER be over that one as long as I live.)


Arrow continues to be the whack.

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Game of Thrones 5x01-03 )

Orphan Black 3x01-02 )

Jane the Virgin, Chapter Twenty )

The Flash 1x20, The Trap )

iZombie 1x07, Maternity Liv )

Arrow 3x21, Al Sah-Him )

ZOMG, SO MANY SHOWS. And I'm only half way through Daredevil. Who knows when I may catch up?
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This is the most morbidly adorable thing I've seen since the original Dumb Ways to Die.

Spoilers for ALL the deaths right up to the last season finale of Game of Thrones, natch.

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You should all go listen to Linda Holmes talking with Kumail Nanjiani on the X-Files revival, in a small batch edition of Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast (it's only 10 minutes long.)

I've listened to a handful of episodes from Nanjiani's podcast, The X-Files Files, which is quite fun. He's got industry cred, and he said the magic words: they've got Morgan & Wong (!) on board to work on at least some of these episodes as well as Darin Morgan (!!). You guys, I am FREAKIN' OUT about the notion of having more Darin Morgan-penned TXF ep after all these years! You don't understand. Jose Chung's From Outer Space is possibly my favourite episode of TV of all time. And I think the teased "rumours" about a certain Big Name Writer coming back to work on the show must mean Vince Gilligan. I mean, who else could that be?!

I can't have high expectations! This is not what I signed up for! !!!!

On a "Well, I NEVER!" note, Linda Holmes is a Noromo, who would have thought. *g* And the shades thrown at the second movie are hilarious.
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Is the zombie transmissible via saliva? I need to know because of reasons.

I think the show suggests it is transmitted via blood and most likely sexual contact. But several viruses are blood-borne *and* sexually transmitted, yet not isolated in other bodily fluids such as saliva, sweat and tears (chief amongst them, HIV.) Other viruses, such as Epstein-Barr, which is the agent for mono, are easily transmitted via all kinds of bodily fluids including saliva.

And since the show seems to imply that zombies in this particular universe have a functional gastrointestinal tract, one assumes they also have a working genitourinary tract? Can zombies pee? Can they orgasm? What, these are all important questions, relevant to world-building!

I need an entire episode of Ravi sitting down and talking about the inner workings of Zombie Virology. Look, 90% of this has to do with professional curiosity. (The other 10% is for porn, obviously.)
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Yikes. That episode was a bit of a mess, wasn't it.

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1. The reactions to the X-Files revival news have been hilarious. I'm at "this sounds like a terrible idea but you know and I know I'll totally watch it" stage, mixed with uncontrolled giggling, whereas Tumblr, being Tumblr, seems higher on squee. Although I ran into a couple of people whose general sentiment was "Mulder and Scully better be married with three kids by now" and let me tell you, I shipped MSR as much as anybody, but that is as FAR AWAY from what I want/expect from the Mulder and Scully I used to love without getting off the entire freakin' ship altogether.

2. I have the Tag Viewer extension installed on Xkit. I fucking love Tag Viewer, and would rate it as the most useful extension only next to Blacklist. The responses to this post (name your favourite TXF episode in the tag) have been particularly fun to scroll through. You have your Bad Blood, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, Jose Chung's from Outer Space (my personal favourite), with occasional Beyond the Sea and Paper Hearts, etc. But then! Some folks would go and name episodes like... Arcadia (!), X-Cops (!!) and Ghost in the Machine (!!!), like what? Why? What? At least no one named Teso dos Bichos or Badlaa?

3. Talk about bad episodes of TV, this is the most amazing thing I've read on internet in many a moon: Every Argument About Buffy On the Internet from 1998 Until Now, courtesy of the fine ladies over at Toast.net

I giggled through the first few lines, then just *lost it* at "Doublemeat Palace Cancels Out My Childhood." OH MY GOD that episode. The Penis Monster! Buffy wearing a chicken! The Alley Sex that caused my vagina to shrivel up and die! I mean, I feel like DMP has Teso dos Bichos beat on sheer unmitigated awfulness scale. But perhaps Butt Genie or Jebuslug are more appropriate comparisons?

4. Onto Tuesday night TV: The Flash 1x16, Rogue Time )

5. I also watched the first two episodes of iZombie and fell promptly in love with it. Figures, since my motto this year seems to be watch ALL THE CW SHOWS. It was fast and snappy and just plain FUN. Being a Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero joint, the quippiness comes embedded in the DNA. Aside from the wacky central concept and witty writing, it also has an excellent leading lady in Rose McIver (another import from down under!) with facility for both comedy and drama. But the thing I found the most promising is that I really enjoyed the supporting cast, who all popped as distinct, individual characters just two episodes in. As far as I'm concerned, *that*'s the stuff that makes or breaks a show, and these characters? I immediately wanted to spend more time with them.

I've been feeling blah about Agents of SHIELD ever since Agent Carter ended and was toying with the notion of dropping it. Having this show air in the same time slot might have just served as a clincher. Ah well.

Spoilers for iZombie, 1x01-02 )
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The X-Files officially revived for a 6-episode run

... I need help reacting to something [/Abed]

After almost 20 years in fandom, it's become one of my best-abided tenants not to linger in a fandom that has disappointed you and made you bitter. You'll make yourself unhappy and anyone else around you who might still love the show. But The X-Files? The X-Files was *before* all that, before I knew better. I loved that show with the religious fervour of the recently-converted, and became toxically bitter when it went off the rails in latter seasons. It's a good thing that I'd already stopped watching the show when I began chronicling my fannish opinions on this LJ or there would be scads of posts of me ranting and raving.

Well, there's always this thread at [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija's LJ. Ahhh, young(er) Vonnie. Your disillusionment burnt so bright and true, it's kinda adorable. *pats her head*

I'd like to think I've mellowed since. Nowadays, whenever I come across TXF gifs on Tumblr, I feel a rush of nostalgia and affection rather than disappointment. This news though, the notion of new canon -- I don't even know. I have morbid curiosity and a bit of dread, and a tiny flame of semi-excitement, maybe? And zero opinions on what this would mean to the hitherto closed canon, because I cannot remember for the life of me what the fuck happened at the end of the second movie, which I hated with the power of thousand burning suns. Mostly, the news makes me giggle. Like Mulder, dead and buried doesn't mean what you think it means, I guess!

First fandom issues, man.



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